To all the thieves I’ve loved before // Read, React, Review

Hello bookish friends.

Today I am here to tell you about two books I recently read: To all the boys I’ve loved before and Crooked Kingdom. I very much enjoyed both of these books and have many thoughts about both of them (I just want to dump all my feels about the Crooked Kingdom on someone), I very much hope not to spoil anyone for none of these books.

This being said, here are my thought on these two amazing books.


to all the boys ive loved before

“I don’t have to be so afraid of good-bye, because good-bye doesn’t have to be forever”

I had been promising myself I would read To all the boys I’ve loved before since the trailer for the movie adaptation came out, and now, after watching the movie, I read it.

I listened to the whole audiobook in two days, it was the first audiobook I’ve ever listened to and the person who read it was amazing, she did the voices perfectly and I enjoyed the pace and overall it was a great audiobook.

If you don’t know what this book is about, it talks about Lara Jean, a 16-year-old girl who writes letters when she has an intense crush, she wrote 5 in total, one for Kenny, one for Lucas, one for John Ambrose, one for Peter Kavinsky and the last one she wrote was for Josh, her sister’s boyfriend. She never sends the letters, they’re like therapy, just for taking the boy out of her head, her letters are her most secret possession, no one know about them except for her, until someone sends all the letters and Lara Jean’s world turns upside down.

20180902_170913_626.jpgLara Jean became one of my favorite characters in contemporary, she is funny and relatable and has an amazing aesthetic. One of the things I loved the most about her was that she spent some time making a scrapbook for Margo, and I could see myself doing it, I keep a journal where I write and draw and tape things too, things that inspire me, things I love, things worth remembering someday.

Lara Jean’s family was something that I really enjoyed reading about too, I love how they are such a close family, everyone one of them had its place and they all interact and fit so good together, and they love each other so much it makes me so emotional. And I also loved the way they treated Josh like he was family too.

Peter was the character I did not like as much as I thought I would, he was just a bit ughhhh!!! Sometimes I wanted to punch him in the face, like when they all dressed up as fictional characters and Peter was mad at Lara Jean because of her costume and Josh’s costume (I loved it when Lara Jean and Josh saw what they were wearing! It was too good, the story she told about their costumes and the scenes in the corridors.)

One character I loved much more in the book than in the movie was Chris, she was funnier in the book, in the book we could see how much of a free spirit she was and stories about her that we don’t get to see in the movie adaptation.




crooked kingdom

six of crows.PNG

As soon as I opened up this book, actually, as soon as I finished Six Of Crows I knew I would love Crooked Kingdom. How could I not? Six of Crows is one of my favorite books EVER.

I can’t say too much about this book because I don’t want to spoil Six of Crows for anyone, but I’ll do my best. (You can read Six of Crows’ synopsis here)

If you read Six of Crows you know that it is a book full of plot twists and fast-paced scenes, but then Crooked Kingdom came and amazed me too, doing it once is awesome, doing it twice is magic, but I think we can all agree that Leigh Bardugo is pure magic herself.

This book is not the masterpiece that Six of Crows is but it was also an amazing read, I hadn’t realized how much I missed the plot, the characters, Kaz’s mastermind before I opened it and started reading.

I tried several times to choose a favorite character but I have a different one every chapter, Inej, Kaz, Wylan, Jesper, Nina and Mathias are somehow all my favorite, I love them all. And I think in this book we got to see a more personal side of them all, they were in Ketterdam and there were several moments when they were only planning things and talking to each other and I think that was when we really get to see how they interact with each other and who they really are.

Also, during the whole duology, we get to know the stories of the past of every single one of the six main characters and, as they are really intense and complex characters I think that was really cool to be able to understand what happened to them to make them like they are today. Wylan’s flashback was one of my favorites, it made me want to kill his father so freaking much and also knowing what Inej went through was such a powerful part of the book (BURN, MANAGERIE, BURN!)

The Six Of Crows‘ duology is my favorite duology, for sure. I am kind of sad that it is over but I think it was the perfect way to end this story, their amazing eventful story. (Unless Leigh wants to continue with it, which if she does, I’m down for, obviously)


“What about the nobodies and the nothings, the invisible girls? We learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns. We learn to wring magic from the ordinary. That was how you survived when you weren’t chosen, when there was no royal blood in your veins. When the world owed you nothing, you demanded something of it anyway.”




This post took me forever to write, it turned out to be HUUUUGE! I should be reading! I am currently reading The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and I am planning on reviewing it sometime soon so stay tuned for that if you want.

The image on the cover is by Melina Souza (Instagram at @melinwonderland)

I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll see you at the next one.

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Hogwarts Tag

Hello bookish friends.

It’s September 1st!!!

Are you ready? Did you pack everything you need? Please do not forget your socks, they are so important… Did you pack your books? And more important did you change your address so your books will come to Hogwarts instead of your parent’s house? Did you? You sure don’t want to wait even one second more than you have to read your most anticipated release.

(side note: my puppy is trying to climb from my lap to the table to see what I am doing, he’s too cute!)

We’re all packed? Good! Then as soon as we get on the train I’m going to tell you a story, my story. Get ready, get comfy, grab some chocolate frogs and enjoy because this might take a while.

(side note 2: it’s so great that I am writing this a bit past 11am because that means that students all over England took the train and are now going back to Hogwarts and that makes me so emotional)

I got my letter when I was 11, just like everyone else, and as soon as I saw it I knew, for Merlin’s beard, that that school would be more than a school to me. You know when you enter your parent’s house and you smell the usual cooking steam and the laundry detergent, I feel the same coming back to Hogwarts, but this time with the smell of old books and great adventures ahead. Hogwarts is home, for many students all over the world and it is one of the things I love most in the whole universe.


1. Am I a pureblood, half-blood, or muggle born?

I am a muggle born, both my parents are muggles, they were really excited when I got the letter, they think it is an honor getting into Hogwarts (they were right 😅).


2. Which wand chose me?

Rowan wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½” and Slightly Yielding flexibility

my wand.PNG

Rowan wood: It is commonly stated that no dark witch or wizard ever owned a rowan wand, and I cannot recall a single instance where one of my own rowan wands has gone on to do evil in the world. Rowan is most happily placed with the clear-headed and the pure-hearted, but this reputation for virtue ought not to fool anyone – these wands are the equal of any, often the better, and frequently out-perform others in duels.


Phoenix feather: This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalize, and their allegiance is usually hard won.



3. Did I take an owl, cat, rat, or toad with me?

I took my cat, Slipper. She is perfect to sneak around and collect secrets no student was supposed to know and taking down evil rats like Scabbers.



4. Where did the Sorting Hat put me?

“You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart”

I am a Gryffindor, even though I don’t identify myself as brave, I can see why the Sorting hat choose Gryffindor.



 5. What house did I want to be in?

I wanted to be whether a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, I think that the second one would be more suitable but the Sorting Hat choose Gryffindor and I am super happy with its choice.



6. What lessons are my favorite and least favorite?

I love almost every class but there are some that ate hard to get through, like Muggle Studies. My favorites are, for sure, Defense against the Dark arts and History of Magic.

I have a post all about Hogwarts classes and their required reads.



7. The form my patronus takes:

My patronus is an aardvark and I was expecting everything except this. 😂 I thought it would be maybe a lama or a cat but I like it anyways.



8. What does a boggart look like to me:

People laughing at me, I fear many things but I am so frightened of having people whispering about me and laughing at me, you know just like they do in The 1975’s video for The Sound.

the 1975.PNG



9. Do I partake in any magical hobbies or school sports?

God! Not Quidditch, I am sure I would kill myself in the first 30 seconds, I watch and scream for my team but I won’t play.

I’m a writer for Hogwarts’ newspaper and I am a part of the book club (if that exists).



10. Where would I find myself hanging in my free time?

The library has an awesome corner to read and study at, and I also spend some time exploring Hogwarts and finding old artifacts in the Room of Requirement.


11. What would I most likely get detention for?

The most likely one would be for being distracted all the damn time, but there is something awful I can see myself doing and getting in detention for, I am a very clumsy person, therefore, I can totally see myself ruining the classroom in Potions because I tripped and knocked every single ingredient over to the ground.

But if there is something me and my friends are always getting in trouble for is for making too much noise, but it’s not our fault, we can’t work with each other without talking (and telling jokes and laughing hysterically at them).


12. What career do I want after leaving Hogwarts?

Nah, not me. I am never leaving Hogwarts, I would be a teacher there, actually, I am already 18 so maybe I am already a teacher there. For Merlin’s beard, I am already teaching Defense against the dark arts at Hogwarts, I hadn’t realized that.


I know most of us pray for this world to be real, a world where we could actually be wizards and witches, but remember that everytime you open up those books, those old and new and magical books, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you in my next one. May you have an awesome school year and an even better reading one.

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August Wrap-Up

Hello bookish friends.

Before I start this post may I say that I am astonished by the amount of good music that is being produced at the moment, the music videos for Natural, TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME and High Hopes came out and I am over the moon. If you have a moment, please listen to those BEAUTIFUL songs.

So, now into the real reason why we’re here, to wrap-up this month, August 2018, which was a month of failure, good books and the month I came to read my favorite poetry collection, which you may already know what it is if you read my latest post of Read React Review.

This month was the month in which I read the most, I loved many books, and I just some time to read and to diving more into the book community. I read 10 books in August, 3 poetry collections, 1 comic book and 6 other amazing books, which include fantasy and contemporary.

Here it is, my wrap up for the month of August.


books i read



  • The princess saves herself in this one – 3.75✨
  • A court of frost and starlight – 3.75✨
  • Love Her Wild – 4.50✨
  • One of us is lying – 4.00✨
  • Eliza and her monsters – 4.50✨
  • Herding cats – 4.00✨
  • The Cruel Prince – 4.25✨
  • To all the boys I’ve loved before – 4.00✨
  • Sea of strangers – 3.75 ✨
  • Crooked Kingdom – 4.50✨

I am pretty proud of how many books I’ve read and how much I enjoyed them, even though I failed at every readathon I participated in, I read only 4 books during booktube-a-thon and 2 books during crash-a-thon, just a few more points to add to my “why I suck” list.




things and stuff



I wrote this while I was watching a movie, kind of a shitty one but it was just for the entertainment, so if I spelled something wrong don’t mind me.

Again, I am pretty happy with the things I accomplished in August and I hope you accomplished some good things as well.

I’ll see in my next post.

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Wizarding studies required reads // Top 5 Wednesday

Hello bookish friends.

Today I am here again with another topic for Top 5 Wednesday, this week the topic includes creating a class and give a list of the 5 books that would be required to read for that class.

The class I created its called “Wizarding studies” because I am not a creative person and I cannot come up with funny and punny names for stuff.

So, I came up with a reading list for some of the topics we would talk about in this class, like magical creatures and potions and everything you would love to study at school but you’re stuck with things like history and chemistry.

Here they are, the 5 books you need to read to ace WIZARDING STUDIES,  a class about what really matters.


history of magic

Harry Potter: A History of Magic is a book I am beyond excited to read, I read the first couple of pages and, so freaking magical. It has beautiful drawings of the characters, the story behind the Harry Potter’s world and I also know it gives you an insight of the classes taught in Hogwarts.

Get ready to enter this world once again, get ready to come back home one more time.

I guess this was a perfect read because you would need to know the bases for the actual class, this would be the first required read.

Also, Natalie Dormer is the reader of this book’s audiobook and she is amazing so I am really excited to read it. The audiobook comes out on the 4th of October.

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New books// September and October

Hello bookish friends.

I am a really distracted person, I’m always losing everything I own, my wallet, my keys, my phone, I’m always stressing about it because it happens to me all the time. I’ve recently realized that it also happens with books, I miss everything that happens: new releases, new book covers, other important stuff like Francesca Zapia publishing The Children of Hypnos on wattpad… Damn it!

Resultado de imagem para frustrated gif

So, recently, I took some time to skim through Goodreads and Twitter and every single social media platform I’m in looking for bookish stuff. And then, I found way too many new exciting releases that I added to my tbr.

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Monsters, cats and queens // Read, React, Review

Hello bookish friends.

Read, react, review is my new series of mini-reviews about the books I recently read and want to share my thoughts about.

If you’ve been here for a long time you must know that I don’t write reviews that often, in more than a year I’ve written two, one for Hopeless by Colleen Hoover and the other for Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan, which I did when started this blog. The thing is, my reviews are too long, so mini reviews mixed up in one post must be the perfect size right? I hope so.


Today I’ll be reviewing 4 of my last reads, which I loved, even though they were all very different books, I enjoyed them all.

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Mamma Mia! book tag

Hello bookish friends.

Have you seen Mamma Mia! Here we go again? If you didn’t run and just do it because you’ll be amazed, this movie was everything I wanted. They cast Jeremy Irvine as young Sam which was a good start but I never would have thought the songs would be that amazing.

I’ll be talking more about this movie and more in one of my next posts but for today, I’ll be doing the Mamma Mia! Book Tag, it was created by the amazing ashleyoutpaged, her video was incredible and funny so you should give it a watch.

So let’s get to the book tag. You can play the songs along while you read the questions here.


mamma mia 1A book with a plot twist you did not see coming

Eliza and her monsters has to be the one, when that plot twist came, even though, I knew that something had to happen I never thought it was that, it left my mouth open.

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College advice

Hello bookish friends.

After one week of pure procrastination and stressing about whether or not it was the end of my blogging “career”, I came to the conclusion that I love doing this, I love blogging, so I won’t quit doing what I love despite all the challenges that may come with it.

So, ladies and gentleman, today I bring you a post that is about different from the usual, I’ve been thinking about doing this since I finished my freshman year in college, and now, more than a month later, I am finally going for it.

I’ll be starting my second year at a nursing school next month, and even though I am not a role model in terms of everything you should be doing in your first year, I still did good in terms of exams and everything.


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One of us is lying // Dream Cast

Hello, bookish friends.

I just finished reading One of us is lying by Karen M. McManus and I really enjoyed it., at first it was as great as I wanted, it looked like a fanfiction with murder in it, with those silly characters and the stupid problems some of them had. But as I read more and more it turned out to be an amazing mystery and the characters evolved to be badass, curious, and complex, every single one of them.

I must admit that the thought of certain-person being the killer occurred to me, only because I am used to watching Bones and solving crimes that appear there but I never thought that it would involve such a complex plot.


Overall I just really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to everyone who’s in love with crime solving.

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The Sick Book Tag

Hello, bookish friends.

If you have ever looked at my bio, you must know I am a student at a nursing school, next year I’ll be a second year and one of the classes I’ll be taking is pathology and I am actually so excited for that class. Anyways, I stumbled upon something called “the sick book tag” and I totally could see me doing this tag.

So guess what… today, again, even though I was not tagged to do it, I’ll be doing The Sick Book Tag. I’m used to linking the people who created every tag I do but this creator seems impossible to find, I saw the tag at The Booknut.

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